April 07, 2019

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Tea Travels: Tea Ceremony and Ritual Part 1

During the most recent winter holidays, Team Tèaura and family travelled to Japan and China. Here is part 1 of our story... Gesamtansicht Artikel →
October 04, 2018

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How to Get into Green Teas

Green tea is not just the bitter "dust" you can find in teabags in supermarkets - there's so much more to this little leaf. Here we take a look into how broad this category is and how a newcomer can get to know this area of the tea world. Gesamtansicht Artikel →
August 15, 2018

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Life is like a Cup of Tea

Looking at the torrential summer rain outside, I pondered: Isn’t life like a cup of tea? Tea has not the intensity of wine nor coffee, nor the insipid taste of water. Unlike knocking back an espresso by the coffee bar, the character of tea requires that you take your time to appreciate and enjoy it. Doing so, you take in what is around you and within you. Gesamtansicht Artikel →
August 05, 2018

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How to Make the Best Cold Brew Tea

Our guide to making the best cold brew tea for the most refreshing summer and which teas are best suited to cold brewing. Gesamtansicht Artikel →
July 22, 2018

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Being Present with Tea

When was the last time you closed your eyes, aside from sleeping, and you were just there - present? You were not analyzing, making mental to-do lists or worrying about a conversation you recently had at work. You were not stressing over an email that flashed suddenly on your mobile, planning what to cook for that evening or thinking that you should stop thinking. You were simply you - present, in the moment.    Gesamtansicht Artikel →
July 01, 2018

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What do tea and the World Cup have in common?

Besides the passion and excitement that football and the World Cup brings out, have you ever wondered what else these qualifying countries have in common?Besides British Afternoon Tea, discover other countries and cultures who hold tea in high regard. Gesamtansicht Artikel →
June 04, 2018

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What does tea mean to me?

Simply seen as a beverage, tea is healthy and quenches thirst; superseding that on many levels tea is a way of life. For many cultures, tea and life are intertwined, especially when it comes to East Asia. I grew up surrounded by a fascinating tea culture, full of warmth and harmony. Here is my story - the first in a series of blog articles. Gesamtansicht Artikel →
March 31, 2018

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Matcha: a nutrient dense "Superfood"

Matcha tea is one of the latest superfood trends and the green tea powder can either be drunk as tea or used as an ingredient in recipes from smoothies to cheesecakes Gesamtansicht Artikel →
March 11, 2018

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The Starter's Guide to Oolong Tea

In the second of our articles explaining the different varieties of tea that are available and explaining how each gets itself distinct aroma and taste, we will be taking a look at oolong tea. Gesamtansicht Artikel →
January 07, 2018

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Tea

Drinking tea is widely reported to have a positive impact on health. But what are the main health benefits and is there any truth behind them? Gesamtansicht Artikel →